Vapor Showcase Artist of the Week: Humans

By now, you’ve learned all about the first three acts on the Vapor Independent Music Showcase 2011 bill — Freedom or Death, Sweet Thing and Grand Analog — but with less than a week until the big day, it’s time for us to round off the evening.  Finishing off the night will be Humans, an electronic duo from Vancouver  who have been generating buzz wherever they go.  Hot off performances at Canadian Music Week and South by Southwest, Humans are the next big thing that you haven’t heard yet.

Their album was described by Exclaim Magazine as “ridiculously fun,” and Humans themselves have said that “the purpose of the project is dancing and audience participation.”  We couldn’t think of a better way to end the evening’s performances.

Sounds Like:
“Vancouver, BC-based Humans are an inventive, refreshing duo focused on weaving solid, dirty electro with a touch of funk (thanks to Montreal native Peter Ricq) and the mellow crooning and reggae hooks of Robbie Slade.”
Exclaim Magazine

“At times, the desire to shake the floor overcomes the need to craft great pop songs, resulting in some overlong tracks. But by following their gut instincts rather than any formula Humans have succeeded where so many others have failed…Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq have crafted seven tracks that are both headphone masterpieces and dancefloor rump-shakers.”
— ChartAttack

“Humans have a sense of self-awareness and intuition that allows them meld elements from separate genres to create a unique experience in terms of their signature electro-based sound… With Slade’s vocals and handiwork on the guitar and keys, and Ricq’s obvious presence on the sampler, sequencer and drum machine, the duo create delicious medley of flavours for your ears. ”
— Lithium Magazine

Official Website
Humans on MySpace
Watch Humans’ video for “Bike Home”
Watch Humans’ “trailer” for “The End”
Watch Humans’ live performance footage
Follow Humans on Twitter
‘Like’ Humans on Facebook


~ by vapormusic on March 31, 2011.

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