Vapor Showcase Artist of the Week: Grand Analog

The clock is ticking as we approach our Vapor Independent Music Showcase (brought to you in partnership with our friends at Stealing Time!), which is now less than two weeks away!  The buzz is growing and we can’t wait to show you some of our favourite new musicians live on stage.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to Grand Analog, a raw hip-hop collective created in 2006. Its members are seasoned record collectors, musicians and self described beat junkies who you can easily find DJing at various clubs around Toronto or Winnipeg.  Band leader and creator, Odario Williams, describes the Grand Analog sound as “a beautiful mess of rap’n’roll, dub and soul”, using live instruments to bring a fresh, organic feeling to their music and particularly their stage performance.  “Grand Analog continues to sweeten its hip-hop cocktail by spiking the punch with everything they can get their hands on: blazing rock guitars, dubby reggae, wah-wah funk, Bo Diddley beats and even a smoking kazoo solo.”

If you didn’t hear them in Season 1 of Winnipeg’s own Less Than Kind or their track “Electric City” on Rookie Blue last season, you have plenty of opportunities to see the group in action in the near future.  Next month, you’ll be able to hear Grand Analog alongside those of Chali 2na and Aceyalone as a part of the Vapor Music-produced cover of Wreckx-N-Effect’s “Rump Shaka,” one of five covers recorded for the upcoming feature film ‘Textuality’.  Hear them first when they hit the stage on April 6th at our Independent Music Showcase.

What are you waiting for?
Download Grand Analog, Chali 2na and Aceyalone’s cover of RUMP SHAKA

Sounds Like:
“A simmering summer party disc full of crackling vintage instruments and deep, organic beats.”
Winnipeg Free Press


“On Metropolis is Burning, Grand Analog brings together a diverse array of influences, ranging from psychedelic rock to reggae, but still manages to produce an album that is straight-up head nodding hip-hop.  In an era where genre-blending hip-hop is most commonly associated with rappers who dream of being wanky rock stars and awkward collaborations, it’s a welcome relief to hear an act that can draw from diverse sources while still staying true.”
— Exclaim Magazine

“The approach to beat-making is inventive, refreshing and stays away from cliches while still drawing on traditional hip-hop sampled genres. The rapping flows really well as Grand takes on any beat and plays with his words in a fun and engaging way. Choruses and hooks sit well in the groove, adding to the head bob, complementing the beats rather than smothering them. Good variety, satisfying throughout and definitely recommended.”
— BeatRoute Magazine

Grand Analog on MySpace
Watch Grand Analog’s video for “Her Daddy (Don’t Like Me)”
Watch Grand Analog’s video for “Take It Slow (Spaces and Places)”
Follow Grand Analog on Twitter
‘Like’ Grand Analog on Facebook


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