Vapor Showcase Artist: Sweet Thing

We’re but three weeks away from the Vapor Independent Music Showcase (brought to you in partnership with our friends at Stealing Time Editing), and we can’t wait for you to hear this year’s lineup live on stage.  To prepare you for April 6th, we’re introducing you to each performer in advance through our Artist of the Week series.

Sweet Thing cannot be characterized better than in their official bio, where they’re described as “a five-piece Toronto band that play infectious pop tunes. Sometimes they get pretty rocking, in that dramatic way that feels best when you clench your fist and raise it to the sky. Charged with dueling guitars, Fleetwood Mac-y harmonies, and energy up the wazoo, Sweet Thing are the musical equivalent of drinking a milkshake at a 50s diner where the waiter keeps jumping on the table (and you like it). Let’s call it ‘music to dance like a dork to’.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Their debut album was released last year, and their single “Change of Seasons” was included in the Vapor music-supervised soundtrack to the Ubisoft video game Shaun White Skateboarding.  Sure to become a household name very soon, Sweet Thing is one band you don’t want to miss.

Sounds Like:
“On the whole, Sweet Thing is what it would sound like if Michael Jackson was fronting Les Savy Fav. Throw this disc on after last year’s Spirits self-titled long-player and you’ve got the makings of a gooey, ’90s high school dance party.”
– Chart Attack

“Musically, the band is incredibly versatile; switching it up between pop, a little bit of blues, and even jazz.  Lead singer Owen Carrier, with his swoon-worthy vocals, alluring character, and polished 60’s style (think That Thing You Do), may just bet he most charismatic frontman in Canadian rock today.  Their skillful musicianship and blazing chemistry was truly inspiring.  This is undoubtedly only the beginning of what Sweet Thing has up their sleeve.”

— Sticky Magazine

“The band wears down your defences with the sheer sparkle of its songwriting. “Lazy Susan” and “Lorraine” prance like Spoon after a ’70s soft-rock bender, while “Winter Night” makes a run for the children-of-Coldplay club and succeeds with a smashingly universal and emotive girly-boy chorus. The production doesn’t obscure the band’s ability to rock out with disciplined aplomb on less fluffy songs on songs like the authentically Pixies-esque “Duotang” and the fun first single “Dance Mother.”  These kids can play.”

— Toronto Star

Official Website
Sweet Thing on MySpace
Watch Sweet Thing’s video for “Change of Seasons”
Watch Sweet Thing’s video for “Lazy Susan”
Watch Sweet Thing bake cookies (they’re “sweet”, after all!)
Follow Sweet Thing on Twitter
‘Like’ Sweet Thing on Facebook


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