Artist of the Week: Cut Copy

In their review of electro band Cut Copy’s new album ‘Zonoscope,’ the famed Pitchfork Magazine states that “Even in the dead of winter, Zonoscope does its job beautifully. Imagine how it’ll sound when you don’t have to layer up to go outside.”  They raise a good point — very rarely is dance music associated with icy temperatures.  Even without the beach parties and warmth of the sun, Cut Copy is the kind of group that manages to get you up and moving, whatever the season.

Cut Copy is a group that’s been on our radar since the release of their debut LP in 2004, and their buzz has continued to grow with each subsequent album.  A couple years ago, we featured their track “Feel The Love” in an ad for Virgin Mobile, and with a third album under their belts (released earlier this month to critical acclaim), the group is as good as ever.

Cut Copy hits the stage in Toronto on April 7th — just in time for the layers to start coming off and the fun to begin.

Sounds Like:
“…distinctly pop sensibility that draws on classic AM radio pop singles from the 1970s and ’80s, with elements of vintage disco and synth pop that appeal to song-based listeners as well as the club kidz.”
— Allmusic Similar Artists: Air, Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem


” The album’s impact lies instead in the band’s confidence in its own instincts and the clarity of its vision.  Beneath Cut Copy’s nods to forebears and its loving advocacy of early ’80s pop, Zonoscope’s the sound of a band beginning to trademark itself.”
— Resident Advisor

“In case you still needed a reason to give this album a listen, do it for “Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution” and some of the finest electric xylophone you’re likely to hear on this side of Revenge of The Nerds talent show.  Zonoscope is a much needed glimpse of summer in a bleak winter world.”
— Blare

Official Website
Cut Copy on MySpace
Watch Cut Copy’s brand new video for “Need You Now”
Watch the “Making of” Cut Copy’s album ‘Zonoscope’
Watch Virgin Mobile’s ‘Bakery’ spot, featuring Cut Copy’s “Feel The Love”
Follow Cut Copy on Twitter
‘Like’ Cut Copy on Facebook


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