Artist of the Week: Rich Aucoin

Nova Scotia’s Rich Aucoin has been described as a “connector” — at his live shows, his connection to his audience is second to none, but Rich also uses his role to connect musicians.  His EP Public Publication is described by ChartAttack as “a musical scrapbook compiling over 500 musicians, friends and fans from across Canada on tape. It’s wildly ambitious but refined and well-crafted at the same time.”  Now, Rich is making even closer connections as he embarks on his Rich Aucoin & Friends tour.  Each tour stop features different acts based on geographic location, bringing even more great music to those lucky enough to catch Rich live.

For your listening pleasure, we’re offering a free download of Rich’s track “Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.E. (All Living Instantly Vanquish Everything)” — go and get it here!  Then, put on your dancing shoes and head out to one of the shows below to see Rich Aucoin where he is the most revered — on stage.

Feb 1 – New York, NY at Pianos
Feb 2 – Toronto, ON at the Drake Hotel
Feb 3 – Montreal, QC  at Petit Campus
Feb 4 – Ottawa, ON at Cafe Dekcuf
Feb 8 – New York, NY at Pianos
Feb 11 – Halifax, NS at Canada Games Opening Ceremonies
Feb 15 – New York, NY at Pianos
Feb 16 – Toronto, ON at the Drake Hotel
Feb 17 – Montreal, QC at Il Motore
Feb 18 – Ottawa, ON at Cafe Dekcuf
Feb 19 – Waterloo, ON at the Starlight
Feb 22 – Brooklyn, NY at the Knitting Factory
Feb 23 – Toronto, ON at the Drake Hotel
Feb 24 – Halifax, NS at Grand Parade Square
Feb 25 – Fredericton, NB at the Capitol
Feb 26 – Saint John, NB at Peppers Pub

Sounds Like:
“Uplifting college rock with an impressionistic day dream feel, it inspires and delights…He is a Canadian musician on the go, and fills the synth-pop genre with a new appreciation.”
— Ear Shot

Similar Artists: ELO, Dr. Dog, the Unicorns, and a little Daft Punk

“Rich Aucoin is so much more than just a musician. He makes really great pop music…He attempts projects nobody else would even think to try, and he not only sees his ideas through, he exceeds expectations.”
— Coke Machine Glow

“Rich Aucoin’s music is best experienced live first and foremost, but this isn’t to say that Public Publication isn’t a great capsule of what Aucoin is capable of onstage — minus the balloons, confetti and dancing around. Just imagine all of that while listening to this EP.”
— Chart Attack

Official Website
Rich Aucoin on MySpace
Watch Rich Aucoin’s 3-D video for “PUSH”
Watch clips of Rich Aucoin’s 2010 Live Tour
Follow Rich Aucoin on Twitter
‘Like’ Rich Aucoin on Facebook
Rich Aucoin and Friends Tour event on Facebook



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