Artist of the Week: Belle and Sebastian

“Belle And Sebastian weren’t just a band, they were a lifestyle choice.”

Back after a four-year stint without new material, Belle and Sebastian’s ‘Write About Love’ was released on Tuesday.  Since the band’s formation in Glasgow in 1996, they have been applauded by critics and fans alike and have developed a worldwide following for their ‘wistful indie pop’ sound, and are touted as kicking off the twee-indie scene popular in the early part of this decade.  Fourteen years and eight studio albums later (as well as numerous EPs and side projects), Belle and Sebastian continue to stand apart.

‘Write About Love’ is a perfect album to sit at home, cuddle up with a good book, and sip a warm beverage to on a dreary, October day such as this.

Sounds Like:
“Musically, the band’s settled into one of the modes they’ve repeatedly touched on in the past: a chiming, mod-inflected variation on early-70s AM pop.”
– Pitchfork

Similar To: The Smiths, Love, Bob Dylan, Nick Drake

“The most important element of a great concert are great songs. There can be no denying that Belle & Sebastian (who numbered 8 plus a string quartet on this night) have plenty of those….Stuart Murdoch was in a great mood.  He provided the other element crucial to a great live experience: crowd interaction….When all was said and done I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good time hearing a band play depressing music.  All hail the power of Belle & Sebastian.”
— T.O. Snobs Music (Massey Hall Concert Review; October 12, 2010)

“So Belle and Sebastian don’t make sad music anymore; does that make it bad? Not at all. In fact, if you had never heard the band before, it wouldn’t be a poor decision to start with this album. Murdoch and suddenly Sarah Martin, who’s two numbers nearly steal the album, are masterful songwriters, who can competently cover the ground of all eras of rock and roll history without breaking a sweat.”
— Consequence of Sound

Official Website
Watch Belle & Sebastian’s video for “I Want The World To Stop”
Watch Belle & Sebastian perform “I Didn’t See It Coming”
Follow Belle & Sebastian on Twitter
‘Like’ Belle & Sebastian on Facebook


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