Todd & The Book of Pure Evil

TODD & THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL follows a book of awesome power that makes teenagers’ deepest, darkest desires come true, but at a horrifying cost. It’s The Book of Pure Evil and it’s loose in Crowley High. Thankfully, one horny teenager stands between the book and the end of the world as we know it. His name is Todd Smith and he will save their asses whether he wants to or not.

In the 13 horrifically hilarious episodes, The Book of Pure Evil unleashes its power in all manner of ways.  In the premiere episode, “Todd the Metal God,” Todd becomes the reluctant hero when he uses the Book’s power to transform himself into a heavy metal guitar god to impress his dream girl Jenny. Unfortunately glory comes with a hefty price and once the Book’s evil powers are unleashed, Crowley High’s teen dreams quickly turn into nightmares.

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil “is everything you’d hope for a stoner/horror/metalhead/teen-angst comedy to be — weird, funny, bloody, goofy, coarse and absolutely committed to its delightful over-the-top-ness.” (Winnipeg Free Press). “Instead of trying to navigate the waters of horror-film cliche, Todd dives right in and uses the tropes to its advantage, often times pointing straight at them with a neon light arrow and screaming “Watch what we do with this! You won’t expect it and it will be cool!”, which makes the series all the more clever.” (J. M. Frey)

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil premiered last night on SPACE at 9pm, with repeats many times this week on the channel.  The episodes are also available to watch online on the SPACE website, or to download from iTunes.

“The show’s look and feel equal the production values of its American cousins, a level of quality rarely seen in Canadian-made TV. This can be attributed to a solid cast, refreshingly irreverent writing and the conscious decision to use old-school rubber monster FX, instead of more affordable but often cheaper-looking CGI.”
— Fangoria

“Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is crazy, silly fun, a very appealing kind of check-your-brain-at-the-classroom-door comedy that asks little of its audience but delivers several layers of well-crafted mischief. It’s not a kids’ show, by any stretch, filled as it is with coarse language, cartoonish bloodshed and blunt sexual innuendo, but it’s also sufficiently clever that it could appeal to viewers well on their way down post-adolescent slide.

It’s a modern-day, slightly potty-mouthed spin on the demon-kicking Buffy blueprint, with the added bonus of having its roots planted firmly here in Winnipeg. And as TV evils go, that’s a pretty good kind to have.”
— Winnipeg Free Press

Featured Music
Todd dreams of being a heavy metal guitar god, and as such, the series’ soundtrack is filled with rockin’ tunes, including many artists from East Coast Metal label Diminished Fifth Records.  Learn more about some of the songs and artists featured in Todd & The Book of Pure Evil by clicking the links below:

“Obsession” by  The Orchid’s Curse
“The Fury” by Gallactus
“The Conquering” by  Black Moor

Official Website
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Watch episodes for free on SPACE
Listen to more tunes from Diminished Fifth Records


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  1. This show is great! Read my review:

  2. x-d good verygood

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