Artist of the Week: Aloe Blacc

Soul singer/rapper Aloe Blacc is currently one of the most buzzed about performers in the blogosphere, and with his new album, Good Things, set for release on September 28th, we at Vapor are sure that this is just the beginning of his success.

Beginning as a trumpet player in high school, Aloe Blacc’s music tastes and abilities developed throughout college, where he learned to play piano and guitar.  In 2006, his debut album, Shine Through, was released, and he began to attract all kinds of attention.  This past year, his hit single “I Need a Dollar” was chosen as the theme song for the new HBO series ‘How To Make It In America’, exposing Aloe Blacc’s music to a brand new audience.

Aloe Blacc is truly an artist to watch, and we have our eyes wide open.

“He’s managed to weave his broad vision of music, encompassing salsa and broken-beat and hip-hop and 70s-style soul, into an optimistic, effervescent piece of bedroom studio miscellany”
— Sean Fennessey, Pitchfork Magazine

“Each song is lovingly crafted and full of meaning, both direct and implied – the man’s voice is molten steel.”

— ALT Sounds



~ by vapormusic on September 23, 2010.

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