Artist of the Week: Oceanship

Sometimes, we at Vapor find a band we love so much that we can’t help but include in multiple projects.  Oceanship is one of these artists.  With one song appearing in tonight’s episode of Rookie Blue, another later in the season, plus a placement in the last season of The Border, there’s no denying that Oceanship’s self-described “Thought Rock Film Pop Nostalgia” is a perfect fit for the screen.

Singer/guitarist Brad Lyons crumbled during his first week at the University of Waterloo. After visiting every faculty and finding no relief, he introspected himself to a point where he realized that he enjoyed singing above all else. Having no stage experience, Brad ran an ad in the paper that read, “Experienced Singer Seeks Band”. He began writing and recording immediately. And that lead to this — a pop project that is gaining worldwide attention and is highly deserving of yours.

Sounds Like:
“Piano-driven melodies, hooks, and earnestness; a powerful collection of beautiful rock songs.”
– Bruce Warren, Some Velvet Blog, WXPN

Similar to: Coldplay, Wakey! Wakey!, We Shot The Moon

“It will definitely be the good taste crowd who get into Oceanship’s Dry Your Eyes. It’s smart, tasteful piano rock with seaside flair that fits easily into the alternative category. Singer Brad Lyons sounds like a politely refined Eddie Vedder. I think they’re calling it “thought rock film pop nostalgia”. Whatever it is, it’s not exactly Easy Listening, but it’s not difficult either. It’s uplifting music by competent singer-songwriters who know how to create an atmosphere by the labour of their own hands, and some decent electronic enhancements.”
— Soundproof Magazine

“You know when Kate Bush runs up to that hill with all those sacred, tort and yet identifiable wistful emotions? Its a beautiful song. As is Coldplay’s Fix You, Annie’s Why and Robbie Williams Angels. They connect. They have with me anyway. Sitting at the bus-stop on the way to school facing another lecture from ones science teacher regarding a failed test. Or, realizing a lover was now an ex and was never, ever, coming back despite all your hopes. Or, that rush of love when a dearly missed friend appears from the arrivals lounge at an airport looking rather flustered from their long-haul flight and yet so happy to see you. These songs somehow encapsulate tearful moments of both joy and sorrow. They entwine the human nervous system and sink into the veins. So much so that occasionally they tip into the realm of annoyance (how dare a song get me to feel that way!).

Well, when I first heard Hotblack by Oceanship my heart skipped a beat. This was, for me, one of those guitar based songs which was distinctly emotional but manages to cross into that weird realm of pop. This track, this epic opus, secures that strange twist of amalgamating strands of genres of rock with soothing simple poppy chords.  The chorus isn’t simply just good but instead tucks you up in bed so cosy you refuse to get out.”
— Don’t Stop The Pop

Official Website
Watch Oceanship’s video for “Hotblack!”
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~ by vapormusic on July 29, 2010.

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