Artist of the Week: Maylee Todd

Meet quirky songstress, Maylee Todd, the multi-talented singer/songwriter with an appetite for obscure instruments. If you ask Maylee how she manages to play the Paraguayan harp as well as she does the guitar, she’ll tell you “anyone can do it.” But we’ve tried and that’s not true.

Born to an English/French father and a Filipino/ Spanish mother, this skilful young lady has many strings to her bow (or harp, rather). You may know her from the humorous interactive aerobics events called “Sweatshop Hop” which have aired on Canada’s Much More Music. And when she’s not dressing in spandex and entertaining the crowd with comical parodies, you can find her at Toronto’s Second City where she is a regular.

Maylee’s debut Album ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ was released on June 22, and she is currently touring Canada including dates in Nova Scotia (Halifax tonight at The Paragon/Antigonish tomorrow at Evolve Festival), New Brunswick (Fredericton on July 24th at Capitol), Montreal (L’Escogriffe on July 27th) and two upcoming dates in Toronto (Harbourfront Centre on August 21st and Dundas Square on September 29th). Download two tracks for free, and let Maylee’s playful sound take over your summer.

Sounds Like:
“The soundtrack for sun-dappled bike rides or picnics in the park”
– Spinner

A charming, whimsical and groovin’ summer record.”
– SoundScapes

“How to describe the uncategorizable wunderkind that is Maylee Todd? Singer and songwriter, sure — but also former member of the late indie-rock squad Henri and the Adorables, ad-jingle provider (that’s her crooning ‘For What It’s Worth’ in the Telus commercial), comedienne, aerobics instructor, player of the Paraguayan harp… And that’s just for starters.
— Spinner

“A voice that is the sound of the city bursting open for the season: sweet like birdsong, limpid like a nylon-stringed guitar in the park, silky like dappled sun through the urban forest. That’s the sound of Maylee Todd floating out from your hi-fi, and if there’s any justice in the universe, her just-released debut, Choose Your Own Adventure, will be high on the play count of many an iPod this summer.”
— Eye Weekly

Download two Maylee tracks for FREE!!
Official Website
Watch Maylee’s video for “Summer Sounds”
Watch Maylee perform “Heart Throb” live in Bellwoods Park
Follow Maylee on Twitter


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