Artist of the Week: The Heavy

British band The Heavy are carrying the weight of the blogosphere since the release of their sophomore album last year.  Unlike may bands, though, the quartet’s fusion of gritty rock and neo-soul lives up to the hype, and offers a truly unique musical experience.  Influenced by the greats such as Curtis Mayfield, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Led Zeppelin and Prince, their resultant songs are full of an energy and love for music rarely equaled in today’s industry.

This week on Rookie Blue, we’re featuring The Heavy’s track “How You Like Me Now?”; the first single off their sophomore album, which was made famous through the band’s performance on Letterman (see link below!) and the song’s placement in a Kia commercial.  The “Beats Mix” of the song that was used is even “heavier” than the original, and we can’t wait for you to see it in action during tonight’s episode.

If you’re falling in love with The Heavy like we have, you can check the band out live at a venue near you with concerts this Friday at Harbourfront in Toronto and Saturday at the Quebec International Summer Festival in Quebec City.

Sounds Like:
“Distorted guitars with lo-fi samples, horns riffs, stomping percussion, and soulful Prince-styled vocals”
– All Music Guide

Similar to: “Curtis Mayfield’s Pusherman resurrecting Led Zeppelin and the exiled spirit of Cassius Clay.”
– The Fly

“Too often, bands that try to extend a well-defined sound onto a sophomore album wind up coming across half-baked.  The Heavy, though, just keep bringing the flavor.  “If you value your sanity, don’t go in the house”, a sampled voice warns you at the beginning of the album.  If you’re looking for a thrill, though… step right in.”
— Pop Matters

“The House That Dirt Built nicely builds the plot, opening up whole new musical storylines to explore.  By the fifth track they’ve already gone through soul, garage punk, voodoo swamp revue, a big of James Brown funk, Hendrix and balls-out rock; by album’s end they’ve also kicked rockabilly, reggae and even a closing ballad into the gumbo pot.  The most surprising thing, however, is how good they are at making it all sound like the work of just one band.”

Official Website
Watch The Heavy perform “How You Like Me Now?” on Letterman
Watch The Heavy’s video for “How You Like Me Now?”
Watch The Heavy’s video for “Sixteen”
Listen to The Heavy at Hype Machine


~ by vapormusic on July 8, 2010.

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