Artist of the Week: The Flashbulb

“It seems impossible to me that I’m on this planet for any other reason than writing music,” states Benn Jordan, also known musically as The Flashbulb, among other pseudonyms.

Over the past ten years, Jordan has released ten LPs as The Flashbulb (in addition to his other work), attracting worldwide attention for his albums and his attitude toward the distribution of music in today’s digital age.  In addition to his solo material, Jordan heads Vapor Music’s Chicago office, and composes on many film, television and advertising projects.  His work is perhaps best known on Dove’s ‘Evolution’ campaign, which featured a remix of The Flashbulb’s track “Passage D” and went on to win awards at Cannes, a Clio Award, two prizes at the London International Awards, and two prizes at the Epica Awards, among others.  He was also the musical mind behind award winning spots“Memorials” (ORNGE) and “Floater” (Vancouver International Film Festival).

Now, Benn is preparing to release his his eleventh Flashbulb album on June 8th, titled ‘Arboreal’, which you can pre-order here.  The album is accompanied by a beautiful video for the song “Undiscovered Colors,” which was released on YouTube this past week (check it out here!).  We at Vapor are extremely proud of all Benn’s many successes!

Sounds Like:
“[Benn] is well known around the world in electronica for his abrasive trademarks multiplied with a level of diversity that makes just about anyone’s head spin.”

“At the center of Jordan’s vast stylistic spectrum, between the drilling beats and ambient soundscapes, lies the purest elements of music – harmony. Jordan is one of the few modern electronic musicians with theory behind his belt. And his musicianship is vivid all over his album.”
— Headphone Commute

“An appropriate biography for Benn Jordan (the man behind The Flashbulb, Flexe, Q-bit, Acidwolf, and countless other pseudonyms) would be in the form of a stock ticker constantly scrolling up to date information on his multiple careers and endeavors…His catalog of releases is so extensive and obscure that there is no place on the internet that can accurately and completely list them. It also seems that Benn has replaced sleeping with film composing, and has recently mirrored his accomplishments in the film industry.  But don’t be intimidated by his amount of work, the quality-for-quantity rule does not apply here. Pick any album out of this long discography and you’ll find that it has its own place, and sometimes its own genre.”
— Suburban Trash

The Flashbulb Official Site
Benn Jordan’s Online Hub
Watch The Flashbulb’s video for “Undiscovered Colors”
Watch Dove’s “Evolution” spot
Benn and Joey discuss Dove’s “Evolution” in Screen Magazine


~ by vapormusic on May 27, 2010.

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