Artist of the Week: The British Columbians

Although the world is becoming increasingly aware of the global environmental crisis, sometimes we all need a little reminder of just how we can help.  DDB Canada’s Brita spot, ‘Change,’ does just that.  “When you want people to make a change, sometimes you have to let the emotion do the talking,” says Andrew Simon, Executive Creative Director at DDB Canada, and this spot does just that — thanks in part to the beautiful song “A Fleeting Chance” by Vancouver band The British Columbians.

Since the release of their debut self-titled album in 2008, The British Columbians have been getting a lot of attention.  They’ve toured extensively, served as the opening act for groups such as Band of Skulls, K-OS and Broken Social Scene, and were voted Canada’s Best Undiscovered Band for the Zune Concert Series Competition.  And now they’re saving the world, one plastic bottle at a time.

Sounds Like:
“The British Columbians have a great feel with a creative and interesting array of rock, electric blues and alternative riffs that come together to give this band a great shot at being noticed in a similar light as The Raconteurs, Black Keys, Kings of Leon and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.”
— Patrick Zulinov – Assistant Program Director / Music Director Shore 104 – Vancouver

“Along with their knack for stir-fried boogie and low, lonesome rumblings borne from the bayou, the British Columbians reference numerous disparate forebears. They mimic the upturned ambitions of Led Zeppelin, the swagger and wail of Kings of Leon, the rugged blues moan of John Lee Hooker and the unhinged exuberance exhibited by those residing on the sunnier side of the Mason-Dixon Line. A promising, impassioned debut, this eponymous effort suggests the British Columbians are warmer than their handle implies.”
— Performing Songwriter

“This debut album by The British Coulmbians is so clear in its vision and spot-on in its execution that we wonder why we’ve never heard a peep about them until now. The four-piece mixes gritty blues-rock with sleazy classic rock and throws in some softer folk, too. The rock songs are built around tough, slinky guitar riffs and singer/guitarist Girard Knox’s badass voice…a polished, promising debut.”
– Now


Watch the Brita spot ‘Change’ featuring “A Fleeting Chance”
The Globe and Mail talks about Brita’s ‘Change’
Watch the British Columbians perform “Hoodoo” live!
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~ by vapormusic on May 13, 2010.

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