Artist of the Week: Broken Social Scene

It is impossible to describe Canada’s independent music scene without discussing Broken Social Scene, the musical collective founded by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning.  With this week’s release of their fourth full-length album, ‘Forgiveness Rock Record,’ Broken Social Scene is ready to once again show the world the immense amount of talent the band is able to fit under one roof…and they’re most definitely taking notice.

The group has been featured on Letterman, Conan O’Brien, won multiple Juno awards, their song “Cocaine Skin” was featured in the Vapor music-supervised film ‘Cole’, and have been the subject of the book “This Book Is Broken,” penned by Eye Weekly editor Stuart Berman.  The group also recently returned from a much buzzed about performance at South by Southwest 2010 and is continuing to attract much positive attention heading into a worldwide summer tour.

There’s still hope for us Canadians though — the band is playing a show on Toronto Island on June 19th — but be sure to get your tickets fast before we have to share them with a growing group of global fans!

Sounds Like:
“Now they’re back, and they’re forgiving. Who, exactly? Each other, loves, bad decisions, humanity at large, worse decisions, the past, the future, culture, corporations, art, you, me, maybe even George W. Bush. (Well, maybe not him.)”
— Pitchfork

“There are still some great cameos: Milan, Feist and Haines all sing together for the first time on “Sentimental X’s,” a softly grooving highlight. But Broken Social Scene don’t sound like a collective anymore: They sound like a band.”
– eMusic

“Many people wonder how a band as constantly in flux as Broken Social Scene can hold it together amid the rigorous demands of becoming a major international touring band. But, really, the recipe is simple: close friends, a lot of love and a mutual desire to transcend the ennui and ugliness of our day-to-day lives by creating something beautiful and timeless together.”
– CBC Radio 3


Official Website
Watch Broken Social Scene’s SXSW 2010 Performance
Follow Broken Social Scene on Twitter
Stream their new album on MuchMusic’s First Spin features Broken Social Scene at SXSW


~ by vapormusic on May 6, 2010.

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