Artist of the Week: Yoav

Yoav is the modern definition of a one-man band.

Although the ear alone may not be able to tell, his signature mix of acoustic and electronica sounds is created with the help of only his voice and acoustic guitar (with a little bit of help from a few piano and cello parts).  Using sampling and looping, Yoav is able to single-handedly simulate dance and trance textures not only in his recordings, but live on stage.

A truly global citizen, Yoav was born in Israel but has spent his life in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Montreal.  His diverse influences and upbringing has helped him to create his sophomore album ‘A Foolproof Escape Plan’, released this past Tuesday.  Yoav is also about to begin his Canadian headlining tour, making stops across Ontario, Quebec and the west coast at the end of April.  Be sure to catch him on one of the following days in your hometown:

April 22, 2010 – Quebec (Imperial de Quebec)
April 24, 2010 – Montreal (Le National)
April 25, 2010 – Ottawa (Live Lounge)
April 27, 2010 – Toronto (Revival)
April 29, 2010 – Edmonton (Starlite Room)
April 30, 2010 – Calgary (Marquee Room)
May 1, 2010 – Vancouver (The Venue)
May 2, 2010 – Victoria (Sugar)

Sounds Like:
“Imagine a record that matches the leftfield edge of Beck or Radiohead with the kind of sure-footed pop hooks Justin Timberlake’s people would write a blank cheque for.  A record built around a voice that’s as sweetly expressive as it is richly soulful. Then imagine that every single sound of it, including the bass & the drums, is performed by one man on his amazingly versatile guitar.”

Similar to: “A mix of Nine Inch Nails, Justin Timberlake, and Peter Gabriel” (iTunes)

“Yoav proves that a guitar and his voice are the only instruments you really need to make powerful, versatile music.”
– Boston Globe

“While half of his music might be set on the Ibiza dancefloor, the other half of Yoav’s soul is restlessly turning in his bed at night. It’s an exquisite tension, powerfully delivered.”
– musicOHM


Official Website
Watch Yoav’s video for “Yellowbrite Sound”
Watch Yoav perform “There is Nobody”
Follow Yoav on Twitter


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  1. fyi. dates for the artist YOAV are from 201, which was a bit confusing since the year is not beside it. perhaps you might want to consider removing this info. thanks.

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