Artist of the Week: Little Boots

“Not liking Little Boots is like not liking fun.”
— Popmatters

Little Boots (the stage name of Victoria Hesketh) took the blogosphere by storm last January when she beat out Lady Gaga and was awarded top spot on the BBC ‘Sound of 2009′ music list.  Designed to indicate the “most likely to succeed” in upcoming musical talent, the BBC was not wrong in their prediction.  Over the past twelve months, Little Boots’ debut album Hands hit the top 5 in the UK, and her single ‘Remedy’ hit the top 10.

A year later, Little Boots is finally releasing Hands on this side of the Atlantic, as it became available at the beginning of March.  Her unique brand of electro-pop shines on singles “New In Town”, “Meddle” and “Remedy” — all upbeat, feel-good tunes worth listening to over and over again (we know we will be!).

Sounds Like:
“A space disco sound influenced by Kylie Minogue, David Bowie and Gary Numan.”
— BBC News

Similar to: Robyn, Goldfrapp, Lady Gaga

Little Boots gives us an inspiring story of self-realisation and a brilliant album. Which is better than perfection, anyway. Perfection’s got great hair, it dances like a animatronic robot. But it’s not very human.


“Be dazzled by her wonder. Hands is a solid pop debut, the sort of album which unites lovers of pop, young and old. It sounds great whether you’re cleaning the flat or riding a fibre-glass wolf through a crystal sequin waterfall. Really you can’t wish for much more than that.”


Official Website
Watch the video for “Remedy”
Watch the video for “New In Town”
Follow Little Boots on Twitter
Listen to Little Boots on Hype Machine


~ by vapormusic on March 19, 2010.

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