Artist of the Week: Hockey

Oh, Canada!  After two weeks of high-intensity Olympic excitement, we at Vapor feel like there’s no better way to celebrate our successes than by celebrating our country’s national sport: HOCKEY!

Although this band’s namesake sport may be truly Canadian, these musicians hail from Portland, Oregon — showing that, just like the gold medal game, sometimes a friendly rivalry results in a fast-paced, exciting final product.  Hockey’s debut album, ‘Mind Chaos,’ is most certainly both of these things, while at the same time sounding diverse in its influences and a thoroughly enjoyable listen from beginning to end.

More and more people are discovering the talents of Hockey, and the band is set to widen their audience through a performance at this year’s Coachella music festival.  They may not be Canadian, but Hockey is one band that deserves GOLD.

Sounds Like:
“These scruffy bike-riding vegans could easily be enjoyed by fans of Dylan, Springsteen and the Hold Steady as much as they could by devotees of LCD Soundsystem and their ilk.”
— The Guardian UK

Similar to: The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, Hold Steady

“From the electronics, to the piano rock and preachy gospel funk and modern hipster indie, Hockey have wandered a wide road to cover more than the average indie-band.”

“Their deceptively sparse yet, incredibly infectious beats add a certain post modern sensibility to their sound that makes listening to their music an experience that must be indulged in. If you took the Strokes’ early albums echoed vocal production, rough edged guitar work, Loaded-era Velvet Underground smooth imagery and some indie dance grooves, you’ve got the heady cocktail of Hockey!”


Official Website
Watch the video for “Too Fake”
Watch the video for “Song Away”
Follow Hockey on Twitter


~ by vapormusic on March 5, 2010.

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