Artist of the Week: In-Flight Safety

Class #2 of ‘Vapor Showcase 101’ introduces you to In-Flight Safety, a cinematic pop/rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Their music has been a part of the soundtrack to many Vapor projects, including The Border on CBC and two placements in the upcoming television series Copper (CTV in Canada and ABC in the U.S.).  Named by the National Post as one of the 10 Canadian acts to listen to on Canada Day, these Juno nominees write some beautiful tunes.

Check ’em out yourself through a FREE download of their “With Night, Comes Danger” tour EP.

Sounds Like:
“Anthemic, heart-tapping, romanto-pop.”
— National Post

Similar to: Coldplay, The Fray, Two Hours Traffic

“With the poetic vocals of John Mullane set against the band’s rich piano driven melodies, there is no mistaking that this maritime band can be considered Halifax’s answer to Coldplay. The album is a solid listen from beginning to end.”
– Spill Magazine

“This is not background/elevator music but music to be enjoyed over a brew or glass of wine with a couple of good friends…or alone with your best girl or guy.”


~ by vapormusic on February 4, 2010.

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