Artist of the Week: Hollerado

Welcome to Week 1 of your intensive training course for Vapor’s EXCLUSIVE Music Showcase, brought to you with our friends at Stealing Time!  Over these next few weeks, our Artist of the Weeks will let you learn all about the artists performing on February 24th, and undoubtedly fall in love with them as we have here at Vapor.

This week, we bring you Hollerado, an indie rock group originally from Manitock, ON.  Hollerado defines what it meas to “do it yourself” — the band has done everything from starting their own record label to packaging their own CDs (in plastic bags, no less!).  All their hard work has definitely paid off: last year, Hollerado won the $250,000 prize associated with Live 88.5’s Big Money Shot competition, and the band was personally chosen by Jack White to open for his group The Dead Weather.

Hollerado is upbeat, catchy, and sure to have you tapping your toes at your desk, and at the Showcase!

Download the album for FREE and get ready to sing along on February 24th!

Sounds Like:
“A little more seasoned than the band at your friend’s house party in the suburbs.  Oh yeah, and it’s the ’90s too.”
— Soundproof Magazine

Similar to: Weezer, Sloan, Pavement

“These hockey-loving, Ontario-bred, power-pop indie rockers convinced Kids in the Hall actor Dave Foley to appear in their hilarious “Americanarama” video.  They also packaged their self-released EPs in plastic baggies, hence the titles “Demo in a Bag 1 through 5.”  Crazy-catchy melodies, raging hooks, and headbang-worthy guitar riffs seal the deal.”
— Spin Magazine

“Their sound is clean, almost horrifically catchy and absolutely distinct.  Hollerado really don’t sound like anyone else.”
— The Spill Magazine

Official Website
Article – Canadian Indie Rockers Hollerado Win $250,000
Watch the Video for “Americanarama”
Follow Hollerado on Twitter
Watch the boys as they package their own albums


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