Artist of the Week: Lhasa de Sela

On New Year’s Day, Lhasa de Sela passed away after a twenty-one month battle with breast cancer at age 37.  Lhasa was known for her heartfelt connection to her music and her audience, and was a world-renowned member of the global music community since the release of ‘La Llorona’ in 1997.  She has accurately been described as passionate, sensual, untameable, tender, profound, troubling, enchanting, hypnotic, hushed, powerful, intense, and a voice for all time.

Taken from the world far too early, Lhasa deserves to be celebrated for her talent and spirit that she brought to every moment of her life and musical career.

Sounds Like:
A mixture of languages (Spanish, English and French), cultures, and influences.  In 2000, the BBC’s World Music Awards named Lhasa “Best Artist of the Americas”.

Whether you’re listening to Lhasa for the first time or the hundreth time, you are sure to fall in love with her over and over again.

For more information, visit her Official Website and Label Website, or head over to iTunes to listen and purchase.

Also, visit YouTube and watch the video for her single “Rising”, off her 2009 self-titled album.


~ by vapormusic on January 7, 2010.

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