Artist of the Week: Amy Millan


This week, we at Vapor are celebrating indie songstress Amy Millan, whose latest album Masters Of The Burial is simply beautiful.  Perhaps best known for her role in helping define renowned Toronto band Stars’ characteristic boy-girl interplay as their frontwoman and her part-time involvement in Broken Social Scene, Millan has time and time again proven herself among the industry’s best of the best.

Vapor has been enamoured with Millan for some time now, licensing her track “Skinny Boy” in the short film moment, directed and produced by Jill Carter.  Masters Of The Burial is Millan’s second solo release, filled with folk-based stories of love and loneliness that are sure to capture you with their simplicity.

Sounds Like:
“…the dark of the night.  It’s the sound of someone climbing into bed.
The soundtrack of the time in between when the candle burns out and your dreams begin.”
– Amy Millan

Similar to: Feist, Emily Haines, Sarah Harmer

“Though it’s not her first album, Masters Of The Burial, is arguably her best work yet. It’s a calming composition of her own tracks peppered with a few covers and is what I describe as morning music. Millan is a poignant proof of the amount of talent often contained in the many-membered bands sprouting up across Canada.”
Joe Zabukovec, blogTO

“The bittersweet-molasses voice of Amy Millan communicates strength as well as vulnerability, and she often finds a way to put forth a little of both.”
Nate Chinen, The New York Times

Video for “Bury This”
Video for “Skinny Boy”
Listen on Hype Machine
Moment homepage



~ by vapormusic on November 12, 2009.

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