Artist of the Week: Parallels


This past week, NOW Magazine released their annual “Best of Toronto” issue, celebrating the city’s most revered contributions to dining, retail, and arts & culture.  Included in this year’s issue is Toronto electro band Parallels, who was awarded the honour of “Best Electronic Music in Toronto” and, accordingly, has inspired us to feature them as our Artist of the Week.

Comprised of vocalist Holly Dodson, drummer/producer Cameron Findlay and synth player Joey Kehoe, Parallels is quickly establishing a local and international fan base as well as worldwide critical acclaim.  Recently, the band has opened for indie bigwigs such as Florence and the Machine, The Juan MacLean, Broken Social Scene and Sebastien Tellier — all before releasing a full-length album.

Sounds Like:
Synthesized electronic pop music with live drums and airy vocals.

Similar to: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sally Shapiro and 1980’s Madonna

“Even though the music is a clear reference to the past with lots of electro retro synthesizers and vocoders, it is delivered with a very honest, irony-free and raw approach. I have to give them five stars for this EP!.”
(Carlos Weisz, blogTO)

“Usually we’d give this one to an act more overtly connected with dance music and DJ culture, but we like this promising synth-disco band too much to worry about genre distinctions. A beautiful meeting of Giorgio Moroder robo-pop and Kate Bush atmospherics that has huge potential to break out big this year.”
(NOW Magazine, October 2009)

Official Website
Parallels MySpace
NOW Magazine “Best Electronic Music” Feature
Official Video – “Ultralight”
“Reservoir” Marigold Session Video
Feature Article on blogTO





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