Artist of the Week: Dead Man’s Bones


This week, Vapor Music is breaking out the cobwebs and pumpkins to get into the Halloween spirit.  Our accompanying soundtrack is none other than Dead Man’s Bones, whose songs such as “My Body’s A Zombie For You” and “Dead Hearts” are at once eerie and hauntingly beautiful.  Comprising of best friends Zach Shields and Ryan Gosling (yes, the Oscar-nominated actor best known for his roles in The Notebook and Half Nelson), the music of Dead Man’s Bones was originally intended to be a haunted-themed stage show reminiscent of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.

Instead, the duo has created a critically-acclaimed self-titled debut album that was released October 6th on ANTI- Records.  The record is a macabre masterpiece enjoyable no matter the season.

Sounds Like:
Sparse, lo-fi tracks about zombies, werewolves and the supernatural accompanied by a full children’s choir.

Similar to: “The Arcade Fire, Tom Waits and the cast of Sesame Street performing a Kurt Weill musical.” (Rolling Stone)

“It’s creepy and catchy. It sounds like a middle school assembly gone goth. And it’s pretty damn good.”
(Amy Phillips, Pitchfork)

“Dead Man’s Bones’ debut plays, in many ways, as the antithesis of every narcissistic vanity project ever conceived. It’s strange, spooky, raw, weirdly-produced (parts jump in and out of the mix with a charming irregularity), almost entirely free of guitars, unafraid of random-sounding arrangements, uniquely its own thing, and, when it comes down to it, an actual work of art.”
(Anthony Carew,




~ by vapormusic on October 29, 2009.

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