Lefsetz and Sutherland chime in on Diamond Shreddies


“This is utterly, positively hilarious.  It’s raw creativity in action.”
– Bob Lefsetz

In advertising, sometimes the answer to reinventing a product is right in front of our eyes.  Such is the case with Post Cereal’s Shreddies, whose “Diamond Shreddies” television campaign has caught the attention of not only Canadians, but our friends south of the border and across the pond.

On Wednesday, renowned music business blogger Bob Lefsetz dedicated a post to the Shreddies campaign and innovative advertising, after seeing the original spot and subsequent hype discussed in a recent TED talk conducted by advertising guru Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group).  Sutherland called the Shreddies rebranding “the most perfect case of creating intangible added value without changing the product in the slightest.”

Vapor’s proud to have spearheaded the sound design and music on the original “Factory Floor” spot, airing in Spring 2007, which you can check out here.  Also, be sure to watch Sutherland’s TED lecture (the Shreddies talk begins around 11:55!) and read Lefsetz’s thoughts on the campaign.



~ by vapormusic on October 22, 2009.

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