Artist of the Week – Black Daniel


Although you may not yet know Black Daniel by name, their music is about to make its way into your household alongside some adorable furry friends via Pedigree’s latest ad campaign.  Music supervised by Vapor, the spot features an Alex Metric remix of Black Daniel’s “Gimme What You Got (Pull The Trigger)” – a fun, electronic twist on the band’s otherwise mildly punkier tone.

Black Daniel consists of brothers Luke and Liam May (Lamik2000) and their friend Craig Louis Higgins Junior, evolving out of their experiences within the electronic music industry as DJs and in management.  They released their double-single in July, featuring the tracks “Here Comes Caesar” and “I Love You But Don’t Touch Me Cos You’re Sick,” the latter of which is currently available for free download through their MySpace page.  Their full-length album, ‘Let’s Get Sued,’ is out soon on their own DustBowl Recordings.

Sounds Like:
Poppy, dancey, electro-garage rock.

Similar to: A lower-fi version of The Killers or Franz Ferdinand

“Black Daniel are melodically assessable and commercially viable, whilst at the same time retaining an off-kilter sound, making the music pleasantly leftfield without being completely alien to the listener”
(Rosie Allabarton,

“They’ve got a knack for big ominous electro and a double A-side single out soon that we would heartily recommend”

Pedigree “Jump” Spot
Black Daniel Official Site
Black Daniel MySpace
Download “I Love You But Don’t Touch Me Cos You’re Sick”
“I Love You But Don’t Touch Me Cos You’re Sick” on YouTube
Black Daniel WordPress Blog
Black Daniel on Twitter



~ by vapormusic on October 1, 2009.

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