‘My Pal Satan’ wins at New York Television Festival


Last week, the 2009 New York Television Festival took place in (you guessed it!) NYC, and amongst the excitement, ‘My Pal Satan’ was awarded both BEST WEB SERIES PILOT and BEST THEME SONG. Described by author Doug Coupland as “Way funnier than TV, yet way too good for the internet,” ‘My Pal Satan’ answers the age-old biblical question: “What would Satan be like as a roommate?”

Music supervised by David Hayman and Stacey Horricks here at Vapor Music, the ‘My Pal Satan’ soundtrack was composed by Paul Aucoin of The Hylozoists. ‘My Pal Satan’ is a Canadian Film Centre pilot program production, continuing the friendship between Vapor and the CFC (additional CFC programming music supervised by Vapor includes Man v. Minivan, The Morning Party, Burgeon and Fade, Spoonfed and Big Girl, among others).  We are also looking forward to the late fall premiere of a second CFC web series we worked on, Seth on Survival.

Congratulations to everybody involved with the series!

For more information…
My Pal Satan Website
Watch Episodes
New York Television Festival
CFC ‘My Pal Satan’ Press Release
The Hylozoists MySpace
Hylozoists on King Kaboom



~ by vapormusic on September 28, 2009.

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